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LCR-20 with X1-UV372x

The newly developed LCR-20 is especially designed for the convenient in-situ measurement of UVC reflection properties. This is an important parameter of walls and ceilings when designing and evaluating upper room germicidal UV installations, for example. This handheld device is simply placed on the surface to be measured.

The integrated UV LED based light source is tracked by a reference sensor and corrected dynamically. This allows freehand measurements in the field since all influences to the light source such as temperature and device orientation are corrected. The sensors are connected to the versatile X1 optometer which directly displays the % reflectance.

The germicidal efficacy and photobiological hazard of low-pressure Hg lamp systems can be assessed with an additional UV-3725 detector connected to the X1.  For all UVC LEDs and far-UV based systems, such as 222 nm excimer lamps, the UV-3727 detector is ideal.

Exhibitor: Gigahertz Optik GmbH


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