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VITRON - specialized producer of * Materials and components for infrared optics CVD-ZnS IR&MS Chalcogenide Glasses IG2 to IG6 & IG9 * Machinable Glass Ceramic * Glassmelts

About us

Our flexible company is a specialized producer and supplier of:

  • Materials and components for infrared optics, such as
    CVD-ZnS FLIR & Multispectral
    Chalcogenide Glasses IG2; IG3; IG4; IG5; IG6; IG9

  • Machinable Glass Ceramic for Engineering and Medicine

  • Glass melting according to customer specification
    such as Ion-Exchange glasses, Raw-Earth glasses

    Our well-trained specialists work constantly on the development of our own materials, methods and technologies and also execute research work on customer order, sometimes in cooperation with universities and research establishments.

    We focus our commitment and creativity on a high product quality and an excellent service for you, our customers.

VITRON Spezialwerkstoffe GmbH
Am Nasstal 5
07751 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 288130
Fax: +49 3641 288155

Jeke - KUNMING JIEKE Trafe Co. Ltd.

China Yunnan Province


Products and services

6 different Chalcogenide Glasses, IG2; IG3; IG4; IG5; IG6; IG9
They have an excellent transmittance and a low thermal change in refractive index and dispersion.

This makes it easier to design color corrected, infrared optical systems without thermal defocusing in the 1-14 µm spectrum. Molding Technologies are possible as well as classic and Single-Point Diamond Technologies. Available up to Ø 150 mm and near-net-shaped lens blanks.

CVD ZnS; FLIR 7-12 µm; CLEAR 0,45-12 µm, high mechanical strength and excellent optical properties - ideal material for window- and lens- applications.

These materials are easy to machine with both classic and Single-Point Diamond Technologies. Available up to 25 mm thickness and up to 430 x 500 rectangular or Ø 410 mm.

VITRONIT® Machinabl Glassceramik for technical applications is white, non-porous and not degassing. It can be machined very precisely into complicated shapes with conventional tools.

No post-firing is required.

VITRON Products VITRONIT ; IG Glasses; ZnS

IR-Optics - IG Glasses and ZnS

CVD Zinc Sulfide ZnS

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