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Cycle, Germany, provides femtosecond lasers, synchronization, jitter measurement units. Its attosecond time distribution systems are used at leading research institutions worldwide

About us

Femtosecond lasers and their synchronization modules, as well as timing jitter measurement devices are the core know-how of Cycle GmbH. Cycle is a spin-off company of the particle accelerator facility DESY in Hamburg, Germany. Cycle GmbH installed attosecond timing distribution systems at the leading research facilities in China, Europe, and USA. Synchronization modules of Cycle keep femtosecond lasers in line with reference signals down to attosecond jitter levels e.g. in ultrafast laser labs throughout the world. The newest product range are innovative femtosecond lasers for multiphoton microscopy and other applications. The affordable fiber lasers cover mainly the wavelength range between 1100 nm and 2000 nm but custom versions are also possible.

Cycle GmbH
Notkestr. 85
22607 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 899889120

Products and services

PULSE Timing Distribution System: Ultralow noise frequency / clock transfer over optical fiber with attosecond jitter. Multi-Link system (standard 8 Links, other on request) WAVE Timing Link: Cost-effective low noise frequency / clock transfer over optical fiber with a jitter below 40fs. BOC/TCBOC: Ultralow noise synchronization module (SD-Version) to synchronize two femtosecond lasers of the same wavelength or different wavelengths with single digit femtosecond jitter. MD-Version for jitter measurement between to femtosecond lasers. BOMPD: Ultralow noise synchronization module to synchronize a femtosecond laser to a RF signal. Solutions with a jitter below 10fs available. MD-Version for jitter measurement between femtosecond laser and RF Signal. SOPRANO - Femtosecond Lasers: Innovative Fiber Laser available up to 6 wavelengths simultaneously in the range of 750 to 1700 nm. Short pulse durations below 100fs possible or e.g. at 1550 nm up to 5uJ pulse energy.
PULSE Timing Distribution System

PULSE timing distribution system (TDS) enables sub-femtosecond distribution of timing signals to remote locations. The RF frequency is transferred through fiber-optic timing links to multiple end stations where transmission delays are detected with attosecond resolution and actively compensated. At their output either an ultrafast laser or a microwave source can be tightly synchronized. A growing number of applications profit from these systems, e.g. Particle Accelerators, Telescopes etc.

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BOMPD - Low noise synchronization for Femtosecond Lasers

The fully automated BOMPD precisely detects timing jitter between an optical pulse train and
the zero-crossings of an RF signal. It generates a baseband signal that is proportional to the
timing error between the two inputs, which in turn can be used in a phase-locked loop to tightly synchronize a femtosecond laser to a microwave signal or vice versa with a jitter and long-term drift of below 35fs. It is used for e.g. time-resolved spectroscopy / pump-probe experiments.

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SOPRANO - Femtosecond Lasers

High energy at unique wavelengths makes the SOPRANO laser to an optimal tool for new applications, e.g. material processing of Silica, a variety of microscope techniques etc.
At 1550nm are up to 5uJ available with pulse duration of less then 350fs.
In the range of 1300nm and 1700nm up to hundreds of nJ are possible.

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