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Established in 1991, piezosystem jena offers piezo micro positioning, piezo nano positioning and metrology solutions to the semiconductor, microscopy and synchrotron community.

About us

piezosystem jena is a world leading company in the development, design and engineering of piezo electric actuators.

These positioning systems are ideal for micro- and nanopositioning and nano-automation. Systems with outstanding precision in the sub-nanometer range, that can generate forces of up to several thousands of Newtons and achieve precise positioning in microseconds.

piezosystem jena offers solutions from one to five axis positioners, grippers, mirror tilting systems, optical fiber switches, shutters, rotary stages, objective positioning systems, piezo stack type actuators, high load piezo actuators and piezo composites for material testing and shock generators.

piezosystem jena also supplies electronics for low and high voltage piezos. These complete systems can be easily integrated into many existing applications e.g. optics, life science and highly precise/dynamic scanning applications so as for vibrational excitations and shock wave generation.

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Products and services

Piezo Focus Positioner Series MIPOS.

  • Piezo focus fine adjustment

  • Compact design

  • Parallelogram design with high resonant frequency

  • Parallel motion inside the optical beam

  • Easy to attach on microscopes

  • Flexible use on different microscopes and in other optical systems

  • Cost effective solution for fine adjustment on the microscope

  • Available as "upside-down" versions for inverse microscopes

  • MIPOS 20 / -100 / -100 PL / -250 / -500 / -600 SG OEM / -LFA

    Mirror Tilting Systems

  • Fast triple actuator tilting platform for piezo mirror &

  • other components up to 50 mm in diameter

  • Different tilting angles for piezo steering mirror

  • Plus/minus tilting

  • kHz resonant frequency

  • Sub-µrad resolution

  • Additional z-axis piston movement

  • Optional position feedback sensor

  • Space application tested

    Product overview

  • PSH 1 / -1 SG, PSH 2 / -2 SG, PSH 3 / -3 SG, PSH 4 / -4 SG

  • PSH 8 / -8 SG, PSH 35 / -35 SG, PSH 4/1, PSH 15/1, PSH 30/1

  • PSH 5/2 / -5/2 SG, PSH 10/2 / -10/2 SG, PSH 25 OEM
Objective Lens Positioning System MIPOS 100

Piezoelectric Objective Lens Positioning System
• 100 µm adjustment range
• Thread size W0.8x1/36" to M 27x0.75
• Easy to fix onto microscopes by Flex-Adapter
• Very compact design
• Parallelogram construction
• High resonant frequency
• For micro objectives of up to 300 g mass
• Option: positioning feedback system
• MIPOS 100 UD is available for inverted microscopy
• MIPOS 100 PL can be used for either upright
• or inverted microscopy

Tip/Tilt Steering Mirror Platform PSH 25 OEM for Different Applications

Tip/Tilt Steering Mirror Platform

Product highlights
• Sub-µrad resolution
• Tilting range of up to ±20 mrad (open loop)
• and ±16 mrad (closed loop)
• Compact design
• Suitable for dynamical applications
• Laser scanning
• Laser beam stabilization
• Image processing and stabilization
• Optical filters/ switches
• Scanning microscopy (SPM)

News & Innovations

NV100/D NET Digital Piezo Controller

The NV100/D is a digital piezo controller with an ethernet interface for remote control and servicing of piezo drives.

The user can drive quasi static or dynamic step positioning applications through the network access, allowing more flexibility and the use in critical environmenments.

For the operation of the actuator a control voltage of -20V to +130V and apeak output current of 100mA (2x40mA NanoX®) are supplied.

With a 16-bit resolution, the NV100/D NET guarantees high positioning accuracy and low noise.

Due to the stored information in the EEPROM, the actuator is being automatically recognized. The NV100/D can be used with actuators equipped with either strain gauge or capacitive sensors, as well as with actuators without measurement system.

The NV100/D also supports actuators based on piezosystem jena’s own NanoX®bi-directional actuating technology.

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