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About us

WinWinTec is a German trade and technical service company with its main China office in Shanghai, a branch office in Tianjin and trade and technical service partners in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

We offer high-precision white light interferometers for 3D surface measurement and 3D inline roughness measurement of various materials, a wide variety of high-precision 2D optical microscopes and ps fiber-based laser sources for nonlinear microscopy.

Our measuring instruments are operated via user-friendly software solutions and we guarantee excellent customer service.

Products and services

White light interferometers for 3D measurement of surface topographies / laboratory systems for 3D surface metrology and inline sensors for roughness measurement:

  • SmartWLI extended - universal WLI laboratory measuring system with up to 4 interchangeable objectives and automated objective recognition
  • SmartWLI Cylinderinspector 3D - Mobile WLI system for 3D measurement of inner surfaces of cylinders
  • SmartWLI compact, smartWLI nanoscan - 3D WLI sensors for use in production environments with manually exchangeable objective
  • SmartWLI extended range – 3D WLI sensor with large z measuring range for use in production 
  • Askania optical microscopes for 2D imaging and image documentation of surfaces
  • Greenough Stereo Zoom Microscope - GSZ 2
  • MacroZoom Microscope - MZM 1
  • Stereomicroscope - SMT 4
  • Reflected Light Microscope – RMA 5
  • Polarized Light Microscope – RMA 5 pol

AFS dual-wavelength ps-fiber lasers for nonlinear microscopy
BASALT®-TAA micro-forces instruments for characterizing biomaterials

SmartWLI extended - universal WLI laboratory measuring system with up to 4 interchangeable objectives and automated objective recognition

SmartWLI extended is an optical 3D measuring instrument based on white-light interferometry, a modular system for lab application
- high-power graphic board, real-time 3D data calculation & ultra-fast measurement speed 170Hz, 4 objective automatic turret, motorized table & automatic stitching for larger fields
- z range 400µm; 0.01nm vertical resolution PSI mode, digitalization up to 0.01pm
- xy point spacing upto 0.03µm (115x magnification, optional high-resolution camera 2456x2054)

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Askania SMT 4 Stereomicroscope

SMT 4 is a stereomicroscope of telescope type (Galilei) with parfocal infinity optics & five-step magnification changer
Expedient placed interfaces allow fast retrofitting of interchangeable lenses, positioning stages, illuminations & equipment for photo or video documentation
Technical Data
Magnification (Standard): 5x; 10x; 16x; 25x; 50x Magnif. (min; max): 1x ... 250x
Object field (Standard): 40; 20; 12,5; 8; 4mm Object field (min; max): 0,8... 160mm
Working distance (min; max): 30... 393mm

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AFS dual-wavelength picosecond fiber lasers for nonlinear microscopy

Fiber based sources for bio-medical imaging
- turn-key, fully software-controlled
- fiber-coupled synchronized emission of picosecond pulses
- addressable resonances from 930cm-1 to 3300cm-1
- multimodal imaging of biological tissue
CARS-Laser: Pump 795 nm, Stokes 1032nm, 65 mW at the sample, 1 MHz repetition rate, fs-ablation laser: 500 µW, 800nm, 35 fs, 1 kHz, 20 x objective, NA 0.4.

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WinWinTec International Group GmbH & Co. KG
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Bettina Kristin Petrasch
Managing Director
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WinWinTec Shanghai Office
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News & Innovations

smartWLI compact used for basic bio-medical research (development of new vaccines and drugs)
In view of the current Covid-19 situation, new drugs and vaccines must be developed under high timely pressure. In this context, the bio-medical research of the German Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces may arouse some interest.
The Institute uses a smartWLI-compact table-top measurement instrument for the topographical vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) in order to collect 3D surface images of the bound antibodies „anti-Flag“ and „anti-HA“ to the corresponding peptides on the array.
So called „docking points" are created for bio-molecules, whose size is checked with the smartWLI compact *. The antibodies are usually around 10 nm in size.
The method used ultimately serves to accelerate the development of new drugs and vaccines.

* Details of the instrument system configuration
smartWLI compact table-top measuring instrument
- smartWLI compact
- 2.3 MP camera
- motorized xy table 75x50 mm²
- 5x, 50x and 100x objective
- MountainsMap® Imaging Analysis M8P
- Particle Analysis Module M8P
- Anti-vibration table
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Fastest high-resolution 3D inline roughness measurement sensor available
smartWLI-compact 3D inline measurement system
► New !
► Fastest high-resolution 3D inline measurement sensor available
Fast (2.3MP camera):
1900 x 1200 pixel - 170 f/s
950 x 600 pixel – 500 f/s
up to 3 kf/s (ROI)
High resolution (5MP camera):
2456 x 2054 pixel – 86 f/s
up to 2 kf/s (ROI)
SDK for sensor implementation:
libraries for complete sensor control
C++ or C#
Available objectives: 5x; 10x; 20x; 50x; 100x
400 µm piezo scanner - 0.1 nm z-resolution, 0.01pm digitalization
5000 µm scanner - 10 nm z-resolution
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smartWLI nanoscan 3D inline roughness sensor - designed for highest resolution
3D surface measurement sensor with highest resolution, with exchangeable objective
• Designed for highest resolution and max. 100µm measurement range in Z-axis
• Digitalization in z direction 0.01pm according to standard ISO 25174-604 2.1.14, all objectives
• 5MP high-resolution camera and > 10 TFLOPS and 3,000 cores graphic board
• Real-time 3D data calculation, optimized for nanostructures and functional microstructures with high imaging ratio
• Sampling interval in XY-direction 0.01µm according to standard ISO 25174-604 2.1.12/13
• Smallest measuring distance Wl approx. 0.1µm according to standard ISO 25174-604 2.1.15
• Maximal angle up to 90° according to standard ISO 25174-604 2.1.18, 2.2.6
• measuring points with stitching
• Lowest level of systeml noise / Z-resolution (0.03nm) → system noise level measurable in the pm range according to standard ISO 25178-604 2.1.11
• Available as sensor component with SDK for integration and in laboratory version (with stand and XY positioning table)
• Available interferometry objectives: 2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 115x*
*100x Olympus WLI objective
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