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High-quality fiber optical solutions for broad range of applications

Founded in 1988, CeramOptec nowadays is one of the international leading developers and producer of silica multimode fibers. In the production side Livani/Latvia the subsidiary of the medical device specialist biolitec primarily produces optical fibers, fiber cables, bundles and other kind of fiber optical assemblies.

Since CeramOptec has the whole production chain – from preform, to the fiber drawing and assembly process – in house, the possibilities for customization are maximized.

In addition to the business focused on industrial applications like laser beam delivery, illumination and spectroscopy further solutions in medicine, research and aerospace are provided.

According to it’s importance in the fiber optical market CeramOptec has a broad international base with it’s locations in Malaysia, China, India and the United Arab Emirates additionally to distribution partners in France, USA, Japan and South Korea.

Products and services

A full range of Services for your needs
CeramOptec® offers customised solutions in fiber optic technology, from individual fibers to ready-to-use cable assemblies.

With over 30 years’ experience in the development and production of optical fibers and everything that goes with it, we are a trusted partner for Industry and research. We develop our precision-made solutions in-house, from preform manufacturing to finished cables and bundles, as this allows us to provide you with effective, expert support and meet your individual requirements efficiently.

We offer a one-stop solution for all your fiber optics needs.

Many prestigious clients rely on our products. We hope that this brochure will provide you with a sound basis for your decision, and we would be delighted to tell you more about our products and processes in person.

safety fiber

Safety Fiber
More safety for users of fiber-coupled high-performance lasers

A new fiber design from CeramOptec increases user safety in connection with fiber-coupled high-performance lasers. Copper wirers in a polyamide jacket support the configuration of active protective devices that interrupt the laser circuit in the event of fiber breakage or connection
problems and protect the user from leaking radiation.

fiber - bundle

Fiber bundles
Multi-fiber assemblies
CeramOptec®’s fiber bundles are designed for superior quality and optimum fiber optic properties. We optimise your bundles for various parameters, including NA and packing efficiency. Our Fiber assemblies can be flexibly configured and tailored precisely to your application needs.

These fibers are ideal for laser applications, among others, where the shape and homogenity of the output beam is decisive. CeramOptec® offers these fibers in rectangular, square, octagonal and other core / cladding geometries for additional advantages compared to our UV / WV range. Laser beam-shaping optics can be avoided.

CeramOptec GmbH
Siemensstr. 44
53121 Bonn

Phone: +49 228 979670
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Internet: www.ceramoptec.com
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Contact person

Holger Bäuerle
Vice Managing Director
Phone: +49 1794 738929
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biolitec Laser science a technology Shanghai Ltd.
Unit 302-3, Tower 1, No. 38, De Bao Raod
200131 Shanghai
P.R. China

Phone: +86 21 63088856
Fax: +86 21 63088856
Internet: www.ceramoptec.com
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News & Innovations

New website: ceramoptec.asia now serving the growing Chinese fiber optics market for industrial and medical applications

2019: The website of CeramOptec, a manufacturer of multi-mode fiber optics for industrial and medical laser applications, has recently been launched at www.ceramoptec.asia to provide detailed information in Chinese such as the range of products, the next trade fair participations as well as background information and news about the company. CeramOptec is thus responding to the growing demand for optical fibers in Asia and especially in China. The Asian market, with its rapid growth and the associated technical changes plays an important role in the photonics industry.
In particular, the Optran® UV NCC/WF NCC fibers with their rectangular core geometry and the Optran® UV NSS fiber with improved solarization resistance are meeting with great interest on the Chinese market. CeramOptec has perfected the sophisticated manufacture of these complex fibers. The entire manufacturing process is carried out at its own premises.
Due to the versatile application options of the different CeramOptec fibers, the website features a separate menu item with the different industries in which the fibers can be employed, and thus provides an impression of the wide range of uses. In addition to traditional preassembled fibers in the CeramOptec range, the company also offers the option of manufacturing fully customized optical fibers according to customer specifications. The production process can be customized from the pre-forming stage to the finished fiber.
Just like the English and German versions, the Chinese website also provides information about the worldwide network of CeramOptec subsidiaries and sales partners. Contacts for the Asian market are located in China, Japan, Korea and India.
The Chinese version of the website can be accessed by clicking on the respective country flag at the top right of the page or directly via www.ceramoptec.asia.

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CeramOptec to expand its portfolio with anti-reflection coatings

Coating solutions for light wave transmission ranges from UV-C to NIR now available.

The fiber optics specialist CeramOptec is expanding its portfolio with anti-reflection coatings. As of now, oxide-based coating solutions are to be realized for light wave transmission ranges from UV-C to near-infrared light (NIR) in a new vacuum system at the production location in Livani/Latvia. The ultra-modern vacuum coating system provides the ideal prerequisites, also for the processing of custom products.

Bonn/Livani, 2019 – CeramOptec, one of the leading international developers and manufacturers of multimode fiber optic cables made from quartz glass, is to expand its portfolio with anti-reflection coatings for the end faces of optical fibers and fiber bundles. As of now, anti-reflective coatings made from silicon dioxide (SiO2), aluminum (III)-oxide (Al2O3) and hafnium dioxide (HfO2) as well as other oxide compounds are to be realized in an ultra-modern vacuum coating system at the production location in Livani/Latvia. The layers are to be generated through vapor deposition and generally reduce reflection losses from the fiber core and fiber sheath from seven to eight percent to under 0.1 percent. The anti-reflection coatings are available for light wave transmission ranges from UV-C to near-infrared light (NIR). One typical application is coatings for the optimized transmission of 266nm UV-C light.
With this portfolio expansion of anti-reflection coatings, CeramOptec is reacting to the growing industrial demands on the light throughput of quartz glass-based fiber products. Over and above this, the fiber optics specialist can now execute all steps of glass fiber production at its own production location. This secures high quality standards and above all shortens the delivery times for individual custom-made fiber products. The vacuum chamber erected in Livani provides ideal conditions for such products, also for the processing of custom products. With over one cubic meter of useful volume and an inner chamber diameter of 1100mm, the chamber is unusually large, which means that it can be used to process very long fibers and fiber bundles. In this way, the system covers the full spectrum of possible anti-reflection coating solutions for fiber optic products. Prospective customers can find more information on the coatings portfolio and contact data for individual enquiries on www.ceramoptec.com.

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