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attocube systems is the technology leader for ultra-precise motion and sensing solutions compatible with extreme environmental conditions such as UHV, magnetic field, radiation exposure, as well as cryogenic to elevated operating temperatures.

The portfolio includes ultra-precise nano drives, a compact optical displacement sensor, and integrated measurement systems such as the attoDRY800 - a cryo-optical table - that offers obstruction-free optical access to the sample. Customized engineering solutions are developed for challenging applications in fields such as material processing, optics, mechanical engineering, as well as semiconductor industries.

All components are developed, manufactured, and tested at the company's headquarters in Germany. Years of experience and a skilled team guarantee the highest levels of consulting competence, comprehensive on-site installation service, and excellent after-sales support.

Products and services

Motion & Sensing: Piezo-based nano drives and Fabry-Perot-Interferometry

The Displacement Sensor IDS3010 performs highly accurate measurements on different materials and geometries for vibration detection, runout measurements of rotations, or calibration of machine tools. The linear, rotary, and goniometric nanopositioners can be operated with highest precision in ambient and vacuum conditions.

Cryogenic Instruments: Nanopositioners, cryostats, scanning probe & optical microscopes for low temperatures
Automated low-vibration dry and liquid cryostats, scanning probe & optical microscopes and cryogenic nanopositioners enable microscopy and optical spectroscopy down to mK and in high magnetic fields.

Nanoscale Analytics: Technologies for nanoscale imaging & spectroscopy
Solutions for visible, NIR, MIR to THz spectral ranges, Raman, TERS and PL spectroscopy, ultrafast pump-probe experiments, all with sub-10 nm spatial resolution and an AFM suite of tools for sample characterization.

UHV-compatible Nanopositioners with Displacement Sensor IDS3010

Precision nanopositioners operated in a closed-loop system with the IDS displacement measuring interferometer form a nano motion control system with the highest precision and accuracy, even in ultra-high vacuum. The compact design of the components makes them easily integrable into OEM applications. Whether you’re looking for a true nanopositioning solution or components to design your own precision setup, our Motion & Sensing portfolio can meet your needs for precision engineering.

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attoAFM Microscope with LT Nanopositioners, in an attoDRY2100 Cryostat

The attoAFM is a compact atomic force microscope designed particularly for applications at low and ultra-low temperature, and in high magnetic fields. It can be integrated into the attoDRY2100 which offers a continuous base temperature of 1.65 K, an automated temperature & magnetic field control from 1.65 K to 300 K and your choice of a superconducting magnet. We also offer various options, such as the closed-loop scanning for retrieving nano-features over millimeter ranges.

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neaSNOM Microscope Platform

The neaSNOM microscope combined with imaging & spectroscopy systems from attocube allow studying chemical, structural and electronic properties of a sample at a spatial resolution up to 1000-times higher when compared to conventional technology like micro FT-IR. The non-destructive measurement method is equally suited for organic and inorganic samples and requires only standard AFM sample preparation.

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